Nova Creed NFT


To upgrade your ships, or to build new ones you'll need ship components. Succesfully sending your ships on missions will allow you to gain ship components like metal and more soon to be added. Use these to build or upgrade new ships!

The harder the mission - the less likely your are to be succesful. Better ships have a much higher chance of winning. Missions take into account ALL your ships stats.


100 $FUEL

Best for weaker ships with low stats. Reliable and likely to succeed, but low rewards

  • 50%-60% chance of success

  • Reward: 1 Metal Sheet


200 $FUEL

Middle ground. If you have a solid all round ship its worth the extra risk for bigger rewards

  • 12.5%-45.5% chance of success

  • Reward: 3-5 Metal Sheets


300 $FUEL

High risk, high reward. Only ships with the best stats should attempt this. You never know though... you may be lucky

  • 5%-25% chance of success

  • Reward: 5-8 Metal Sheets