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Welcome to your dashboard. Find your inventory of NFTs and resources. Your recent stats and more.


My ICE tokens
My FUEL tokens
Metal owned

Your crew

The genesis collection is made of 6 different alien species. Use these avatars to crew your spaceships. Expand your crew to encompass all the roles and ranks for best results

Build ships

Max 1 Crew

Class One

Build a random Class 1 ship to bolster your fleet

  • 1500 FUEL

  • 1 Metal Sheet

  • 10k ICE

Max 3 Crew

Class Two

Upgrade a Class 1 Ship to a Class 2 of the same type

  • 2100 FUEL

  • 3 Metal Sheet

  • 10k ICE

Select an existing ship

Max 6 Crew

Class Three

Upgrade a Class 2 Ship to a Class 3 of the same type

  • 2800 FUEL

  • 6 Metal Sheet

  • 10k ICE

Select an existing ship

Your fleet

Ships are the central building block of the Novaverse. Build new ones or upgrade your existing ships here. Full break down of ship stats and utilities coming soon!

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